Shahid Afridi is showing outstanding performce wins match, BPL

Shahid Afridi is showing outstanding performce wins match, BPL

Shahid Afridi played his second BPL season last year. This year he is playing his third one. Last year in the very first game he gave his side a sensational win. Afridi stole it as the bowling side was almost there to win the match.
It was just their bad luck that Afridi was on strike. Afridi finished a tense match with just two hits. He read the bowler’s mind and played some good shots on fuller length balls. He knew the bowler would bowl this line and length at him.

Shahid Afridi knows the best how to handle pressure. Throughout his international career he has been known for his bravery. He never backs down despite playing against some big names of international cricket.

Here we see a glimpse of his action. It was the first game for Shahid Afridi in BPL season. His side needed 8 runs on the final three balls. The pressure was on the Sylhet side which was batting. The bowler was bowling well here.

Afridi came to the crease and he exactly knew what the bowler was about to bowl at him. It was a full length ball and Afridi just stretched his leg and clipped the ball over fine leg. The fielder was at the boundary line but he only watched the ball sailing over his head.
This was a much needed boundary for the Sylhet side and Afridi provided it. Now the pressure shifted towards the bowling side. There was a point when they were winning this one but Afridi was there to turn the tables. Then on the next ball Afridi played the same shot again. In pressure the bowler bowled the same ball and Afridi this time again knew that the ball would be a fuller one. He hit the winning runs on this ball and it was an amazing win.


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