The impact of Dil Dil Pakistan

The impact of Dil Dil Pakistan

As Pakistan mourns the loss of one of its national icons, let us revisit the song that catapulted Junaid Jamshed and his band Vital Signs to fame in the late 1980s. “Dil Dil Pakistan,” a song known by every Pakistani, is considered to be among the most popular patriotic songs in the country’s history.

The song, featured on the band’s debut album Vital Signs 1, was released on Independence Day 1987. With its heartwarming lyrics and catchy tune, it became deeply ingrained in the minds of Pakistanis, specially kids who grew up during that era.

Dil Dil Pakistan’s music video was a major reason behind its success. Shot in scenic Islamabad, it featured the band members riding bikes, driving around in a jeep, and playing their instruments in parks, all of which combined into a refreshing feel.

Screen grab from Dil Dil Pakistan music video
Screen grab from Dil Dil Pakistan music video

Played on almost all platforms – radio, TV, and live concerts – Dil Dil Pakistan received critical acclaim, helping the national rock and pop music scene skyrocket to never-before-seen popularity. The band’s nonchalance, colourful attire, clean-shaved chiseled appearance of members, and genuine passion were factors that rang with the audience, and paved way for numerous others to join the music scene.

Screen grab from Dil Dil Pakistan music video
Screen grab from Dil Dil Pakistan music video

Many Pakistanis still remember the place they were at and what they were doing the first time they saw the music video. In fact, it was admired so much that it was labeled the country’s unofficial anthem. Fun fact: a huge rock behind the band is seen painted with caption “We love Pakistan.”

Dil Dil Pakistan was a truly a once-in-a-generation song, and was ranked by the BBC World Service as third in most popular songs around the world in 2003. It was also copied and used in an Indian film in 1990.

Although it was completely in line with the 80s pop era’s traditional tunes with keyboards, synthesizers, and guitars, its lyrics and absolutely pure patriotic element struck a major chord in Pakistanis’ hearts.


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